Owner of "Torn Pages" book store in Seattle. Employs several of the newly embraced and is a trusted ally of the Prince.


Born Thelonius Tornenberg to German immigrants in Chicago in 1865, Torn left his family behind to study in solitude in the Rocky Mountains of Montana in 1882. He repaired an abandoned cabin on the outskirts of town, building a private library of primarily theological books with money earned from odd jobs. In 1883, the rails brought the man that would change his life.

Valkyr, a very old Mekhet as well as a scholar, had a private chateau built nestled in the mountains overlooking the Gallatin Valley. There, he began nurturing the town for his own purposes of extending the reach of Vampiric society. He was very secretive and had a secretary and private assistance take care of any face to face meetings to hide the fact that he was one of the undead. Word of Torn’s existence reached him and intrigued him. Finally, their was someone with an equally keen intellect for him to converse with, a welcome change from the usual settlers and farmers. In 1884, he brought Torn into his home and gave him the embrace that would change his life forever.

By 1888, Valkyr had grown bored with the small town life and left Torn without warning, taking his assistants with him. With no connection to any other Vampire, Torn became more and more distant, leaving the chateau only to feed and teaching himself the ways of blood magic from the ancent tomes left by his sire. There he sat, alone, for nearly 80 years, until finally, in 1965, a small group of vampires moved to the area. Still, he sat by himself, teaching himself the ins and outs of computers as they became more and more available.

He made very little contact with the other kindred and knew little of their social mechanisms until 1999, when the Prince was killed and he was made a suspect simply for being one of the few vampires in the area. He was exhonorated by the group of vampires that were called to the area to investigate. Shortly after, he decided to reconnect with his mortal family.

Arriving back in Chicago, he found his family line completely wiped out. The only clue he could find dated back to shortly after he had made his trek to Montana. His parents had been slain and drained of blood. The younger brother he never knew about had been abducted and never found. He cracked.

He returned to Montana a broken being. His already strange mind warped and he began painting his face into a skull, delving deep into Voodoo and spirit communication. He said his goodbyes to his coterie and covenant mates, packed his belongings and moved to Seattle.

He kept to himself for several years…(to be continued)


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